Simply Mindful Spending 

Hey Big Spender Calm, Content and in Control

Enabling Pressured People
Who Spend, Spend, Spend
and End Up Unhappy and Broke 
Have approx. 33% more CASH left weekly. 
Plus more Confidence, 
Calm and Control :)) £




Hey Big Spender Services are not here to tell you to stop spending, as we know this is unreal. But they are designed for you to get a grip on the powerful emotions that hypnotically control your buying decisions.  We understand that a new quirky, NOT dull, quick to grasp and steadfast approach is needed for you to rein your sabotage spending habits in, so you get to become your own best asset NOT a liability :)) £


Questions for You: Can changing your spending mind-set for the better really happen? Will changing your mind-set hold the key and pave the way to new savvy habits that refill your purse/wallet? Can you genuinely begin to smile more? The answer is a big fat YES!


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"This wonderful book shows how to get your spending under control. Get out of debt - and stay out of debt forever"  Brian Tracy, Author & Speaker


"Ann's sincerity and openness is admirable, speaking of her personal experience she adds depth and integrity to the book. A must read for anyone wishing to get 'an emotional grip' on their spending habits"  Alastair Wilson, Chief Executive School for Social Entrepreneurs, London.


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