Ann Carver Authentic Professional Speaker / Author on behalf of money and mental health

Ann Carver Author

Hey Big Spender 'get an emotional grip' helps you to understand money and mental health problems as well as giving effective and engaging ways manage better.  FREE ebook is available email: or purchase paperback from Amazon



The Authentic Professional Events 

Professional Speaking and Workshops with Ann Carver tailored to suit your needs. Enaging and inspiring to evoke change for your audience. Tangible products to re-enforce learning also available. Advanced communicator of Toastmasters International. Available throughout UK. Email enquiries to or call 01243 290872


 Money Mentoring /Coaching 

Enabling money and mental health to be managed better. When life gets overwhelming money is a challenge to manage. Re-capture control, confidence and calm. Intial FREE telephone conversation for you to find out more. Email or call 01243 290872


In YOUR Business

Are you in business? As you're aware money is the life blood of your business and needs to be managed with excellence. Could you do with managing your business money better?  A system to enable you as a business owner that measures and  the money that's leaks from your business has been developed. For a FREE Consultation email or Call 01243 290872

Re-Capture Control, Confidence, Calm Over Managing Money and Mental Health. Worthy and Worth it! 

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