For YOU to Build Your NO Muscle!

Have approx. a third more money left too!

Things Available

First, my FREE ebook for YOU. 

I Ann Carver started to write as a way to express my pent up emotionas, Hey Big Spender 'get an emotional grip' is the result. I am making this ebook available for you to download. I hope this helps you to open your eyes and realise you are not alone, that we are together in this. Email me and I'll send it to you

Speaking Events and Workshops

International habit building talks and workshops. Providing your audience with the tools to have approx. a third more money left monthly.. Optional extra: The Money Mindful Kit: Contents: distraction band, focus sticker, pen, receipt wallet and strategy. This is bespoke and not available anywhere else. 

One to One Telephone Coaching 

Enabling you to adopt better spending habits, boost confidence and re-capture control. These are an investment of your money and time, Your commitment is expected  in order to bring about sustainable change.

In YOUR Business

Do you have a trade or business but fail to manage your business spending? Money Mindfulness has developed a sytem to enable you as a business owner to take the equivilant of a microscope to spot, measure and plug the unneccesary money that's the life blood of your business. 


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