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Would you get in a car without learning to drive? Money is also a powerful vehicle. Common sense money habits that build happiness and wealth need to be learnt to avoid crashing time and time again.


When you're bored, stressed, damn right mad or over excited, it's so easy to blow your money on all sorts of stuff, little things or big, they all add up and build needy forever wanting more habits. These powerful pent up emotions drive you to 'quick fix buy', regardless if can afford to or not. With easy access to credit you can soon find the cash to crash.


                                       'Overwhelming emotions can appear overbearing'


Budgeting fails when you're spending to release pressure. What's more attractive, the sensible budget sheet telling you 'you can't afford it' or the desire for new feelings and things?


The real unseen danger is when you emotionally spend to distract from trauma, depression and other ill mental health issues. This is so easy and understandable, especially when you don't have the support, knowledge, inclination or time to deal with personal and professional pressures. Rather facing the music or dancing with it, you grab for the purse/wallet!  


Unbeknown to you, this is when the addiction to spending takes root.  All emotional spending does is distract for a while, until the next time overwhelm kicks in. Then the 'spending fix trip' starts all over again.  

The word credit for an emotional spender has red it! Red means danger, the colour of seduction and STOP! Month after month you are either unhappy or broke or both!


Are you ready to re-capture your power, take responsibility and get back in control?  Do you want to become your own best asset, NOT a walking liability?  Yes, this quirky approach is serious stuff, but has empathy, understanding and authenticity.   

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