Spend, Spend, Spend dosen't MEND

I wish emotional spending came with a warning sign, like you see on packets of cigarettes. 

Now a professional speaker and author but my spending habits spiralled out of control when I was at the peak of my career as a yoga teacher. Life was perfect NOT!  I began to shop to deal with personal pressure, so I could carry on my career as somewhat normal after sudden trauma struck. Just like a smoker starts on a few cigarettes a day, and ends up smoking a packet of twenty, spending to feel better grabbed me in the same way. I wish emotional spending would have come with a health warning, like you see on cigarettes, because the debt and despair was crippling. In the end I had to fold down my  much loved yoga classes.



 ITV This Morning and BBC Television, BBC Radio Solent and featured in The Guardian - read my article here




Shocked  On my journey of recovery I’ve been shocked at the lack of help on offer. Especially for people who like me, who are suffering mental and emotional turmoil and NOT realising the dangers of retail therapy until the debt and addiction takes hold.  Conventional methods of help don’t offer habit changing solutions.  Loans gave me the green light to spend, budgeting didn’t work when I needed to mend my mood, and the interest that piled on and on was immense.  Without helping the people to change there won't be any! 


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