Designed to Meet Your Needs

What Are The Bespoke Workshops About?

Hey Big Spender bespoke workshops are tailored for your audience's specific needs. Needs vary and our work is flexible to be able to meet these. The days promise to be interactive, educational and thought provoking.  Bespoke coaching tools, cognitive therapy and metaphors are used so your participants can confidently know how to have more cash left along with control and calm. And we have fun, laughter and real life stories that are as good as any T.V soap!  These are authentically and professionally delivered. Designed for people to stretch their thoughts around money and life from a new eye-opening and honest perspective.  Participants are challenged to step out of their comfort zone in ways that show empathy and encouragement.


How do the bespoke days run? 

The bespoke Hey Big Spender workshops are designed to meet your needs. These can be as follows:

  • For parents to manage emotional spending with the family
  • For Corporates tailor debt in the workplace and to reduce stress spending to relieve pressure
  • For bereavement groups who emotionally spend to bridge loss
  • For charities to learn the bespoke 'behave and save' money raising approach
  • For Housing Associations to run for their residents
  • Emotional spending workshops for just men 
  • Emotional spending workshops just for women
  • For The Military to learn how to manage emotional spending after trauma
  • Working in partnership to complement conventional services

 Please enquire or if you have any other requirements.


Why Are These So Beneficial? 

This bespoke approach motivates your audience to take action. This engaging, authentic and common sense money education is extremely rare, because of how it's been developed. The secret to success for the particpants is to instantly feel at ease in the relaxed and people orientated astmosphere. No one is given advice, or told what to do, or is ever judged or criticised.  People come together, listen to real life stories, learn for themselves and from each other and continue to grow after long leaving the course.  Ann often returns to interview participants 6 months to a year after they attend the course. Closed social media groups are also offered for continued support.  Working in groups is empowering as the participants can continue to be accountable to each other long after the workshop stops. 


Where are they held?

Mainly run in the South UK for the general public, corporate organisations and community groups.  Ann can travel further afield but travel, time and any accommodation costs to be covered. 



Vary depending on the number of people attending, venue, dates and location and how many days you require them to run.


Hey Big Spender workshops have been delivered for wide range of clients and organisations, including:


Affinity Sutton Housing Association - Aster Communities - Direct Life Insurance - First Wessex Housing Association - Guinness Hermitage Housing Association - Maximus Employment Agency - Portsmouth City Council - West Sussex County Council - Havant Leisure Centre - Havant Borough Council - Learning Links - Women's Wisdom - Council for Children and Family Centres, West Sussex County Council, Hampshire and West Sussex Credit Union. 


A schedule of public workshops will be available shortly.  To be among the first to receive details please Subscribe for updates using the form on our Home page.  If you would like any further information please feel free to Contact Us.

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