Weekend Treasure YOU Retreats 2016

What are the Treasure YOU Retreats for?

Treasure YOU Retreats take you on an inner journey to discover gems of inside wealth.  You get to spend your weekend on YOU, learning to be your own best asset!  The whole weekend is led by Ann Carver where she brings her coaching, yoga and healing skills and her authentic nature for YOU to experience. 


Why do they enhance personal change?

Indulging your time and energy in authentic and creative ways out of the box ways, enable you to get real and manage from the inside out like never before.  Once you learn the Treasure YOU Techniques you can tap into them and apply them simply to day to day life. This empowers you to get better at being who you are, and to let go of the emotional baggage that is no longer needed.  Because you are worthy and worth it! 



Throughout the weekend you will spend precious time out activities that enable you to unwrap, express and relax. These will include: 

  • Stretching exercises and the special 'treasure you' relaxation with Ann will start and end each day. 
  • Creating your own special 'treasure chest' to fill with inspiring and empowering images and words that will help you focus on what you want. 
  • Learn intuitive communication skills that enable you to talk and express, constructively. Share with others, openly, honestly and safely or simply listen. 
  • 'Express it' writing (you don't need writing or spelling skills, this is big kids stuff!) 
  • Bring your walking boots to participate in 'gratitude walking'.
  • Learn empowering acts of forgiveness in order to access love. 
  • Tap into humour and honesty as you listen and share experiences with like minded people.
  • Enjoy the break away, venue and delicious food.


Held in the beautiful 'English Garden' of the UK. Whatever the weather it won't matter! 


To be one of the first to receive details of dates and venues for the Treasure You Retreats, sign up for updates using the form on our Home page.  If you would like any more information please feel free to Contact Us.

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