My Mental Health and Money 

'People with mental health problems are three times more likely to be in problem  debt' Money and Mental Health Charity 2016

I was a professional yoga teacher, when personal tradegy struck. Comfort spending became my way of trying to deal with the loss of my mother, father and brother. I wanted to carry on teaching, being a mother and a wife to the best of my ability, but deep down I was in no fit state. Traditional financial help failed to recognise I had a mental health issue. I had no logic to my spending when I was feeling needy, loans gave me the green light to spend, and I was advised to re-mortgage, I did again and again. I've been better for over 10 years now and have made it my mission to help raise awareness and deliver solutions for people in a same but different circumstance to me.  My Volgg MIND Mental Health Charity  



 ITV This Morning and BBC Television, BBC Radio Solent and featured in The Guardian - read my article here




Shocked  On my journey of recovery I’ve been shocked at the lack of help on offer. Especially for people who like me, who are suffering mental and emotional turmoil and NOT realising the dangers of retail therapy until the debt and addiction takes hold.  Conventional methods of help don’t offer habit changing solutions.  Loans gave me the green light to spend, budgeting didn’t work when I needed to mend my mood, and the interest that piled on and on was immense.  Without helping the people to change there won't be any! 


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