What our Clients Say...


Here's what just a few of her clients have said: 


'The course was easy to understand, loved the analogies and pep talks, laid back and friendly approach is great.  Spending before the course was out of control.  After I was really in control'

Tracy B


'Amazing session - Learnt so much, time flew by as you had us fascinated, powerful messasges were: Financial Freedom, Emotional Freedom and Mindful Freedom'

Diana B 


'Just dealing with cash has revolutionalised my life. I don't have any hidden suprises in my bank account, and putting money away each week means I can splash out without any guilt. I am now in control of money. It is a very nice feeling.

Nicky, Winchester


'The Guinness Organisation would like to thank Ann Carver for her hard work.  We were impressed at the way Ann worked with our residents, in not only helping to solve some of their problems, but also assisted them in getting their finances back on track.  Ann works in a methodical way and provides reassurance and a friendly ear, whilst steering people to a beneficial outcome.  Ann really has changed people’s lives for the better, and we would like to thank her for all her efforts'.

Martyn Griffiths, Sustaining Tenancies Officer


'Life changing.  Enabling tenants to focus on day-by-day goals, which then helps rebuild confidence.  We have had 100% satisfaction results from our tenants and would recommend this service to both staff and tenants'.

Kat Fell, Guinness Hermitage Social & Financial Inclusion Officer


'In the five years I have been in this post I have never seen results such as the one Ann Carver’s programme is delivering'

Lee Yeats, Social & Financial Inclusion Officer, Affinity Sutton


'This programme is totally unique.  We have witnessed those light bulb moments with Ann. The moment our residents realised this was by understanding their spending behaviours and what keeps them stuck and how they can take responsibility for themselves and turn their lives around.  Getting residents to take control, own their behaviours and make changes is a powerful and necessary tool if you want to bring around long term, sustainable change in anyone.  Ann does this in the context and environment of kindness and empathy, and both challenges and empowers those on her course.  In these challenging times we need the Ann Carvers out there inviting people to join this programme'.

Amber Skyring, First Wessex Community Regeneration Manager


 Ann Carver has worked with a wide range of clients and organisations, including:


Affinity Sutton Housing Association - Aster Communities - Direct Life Insurance - First Wessex Housing Association - Guinness Hermitage Housing Association - Maximus Employment Agency - Portsmouth City Council - West Sussex County Council - Havant Leisure Centre - Havant Borough Council - Learning Links - Women's Wisdom - Council for Children - Family Centres, West Sussex

Tracy - Case Study and Testimonial
A case study and testimonial describing Tracy's experience with a Hey Big Spender 'Red Dot Spending Workshop' and the benefits she felt.
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